Sunday, August 13, 2006

Love on the Lifts

Yes, there is a theme of vacation-themed teen romances lately. Summer is almost over and I am taking some vicarious vacay through YA fluffiness. Luckily, the library just got all of Rachel Hawthorne's paperbacks in.
Love on the Lifts is about three teen girls who spend three weeks of winter break at an Aunt's lodge near a ski resort, only the Aunt's nephew and two friends are also (unexpectedly) invited. Romance ensues.
I checked it out. 313 pgs.
Island Girls (and Boys) is about three teen girls the summer after high school who work on an island south of Texas for a campground company and stay in one of the girl's grandparent's beach house (while they are out of the country) and hook up with some drifters on motorcycles, as well as other various strays, while still learning marginally about adult responsibilities like paying the utility bill. Drifters do tend to move on eventually, but nevertheless, romance ensues. (the most serious moments concerned the dangers facing the hot guy who has already joined the Army and must report for duty at the end of the summer.)
I checked it out. 301 pgs.

In the best tradition of fluffy teen romance, no one in these books worries about much outside of their immediate emotions, there is no judgement even from the grown ups about kids hooking up with each other on vacation and even sleeping together (although rarely our protagonist) , so one has any STDs or drug issues, and the dialogue is witty.


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