Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Birthday roundup

65 total books
90 hours of audiobook listening
And 15170 Total pages

Not really that much compared to previous years, but I had a baby, so my reading time declined as well as my ability to remember what I have been reading. I've left more books unfinished this year than at any other time in my life, and it seems like I only blogged about them if I abandoned them on purpose because they made me mad, not if I just got distracted and returned them to the library when they were overdue.

I look forward to another great year of reading and I'm going to start right now!!
What better way to spend my birthday than with a good book (and my wonderful spouse, who is reading as well. Of course, for Dan to total what he read in the last year, just look at what has been posted on slashdot, engadget, etc. and then add it up because he has read it all!)


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