Friday, June 15, 2007

so many book, so little blogging

NEVER get behind on your reading blog, because then when you go to catch up, all you want to do is re-read the awesome things you have read recently!

I listened to:
The Boyfriend List by e. lockhart
and somewhere on a scrap of paper I started writing a review, so if I never find it, I will edit this post. In the meantime, let me say that is was definitely for upper teens as it had more sex stuff than more YA fiction, but it was good and quirky. 6 hours.

Surviving the Applewhites by Stephanie S. Tolan
Awesome story performed by Robert Sean Leonard, who sounds as hot as he looks, about a boy who has been kicked out of every school until he gets stuck in a home school run by the Applewhite family, who are just as crazy and zany as he pretends to be. And if Jake can survive the Applewhites and their many interests, hobbies and pursuits (think ballet, workcarving, studying bugs, painting, writing, etc?) he may just learn something. 5 hours.

While driving to and painting in Wisconsin last week, my spouse and I listened to the first Spencer novel by Robert Parker - The Godwulf Manuscript. The patrons who have told me over the years that I HAD to read Spencer were certainly correct when they claimed he was "quite a character." But he is an endearing if tough and unconvential PI, and I am looking forward to listening to his adventures again in the future. Even though he totally had sex with a mother and a daughter in the same day which is tres' bizarro IMHO. 6 hours.

AIRBORN by Kenneth Oppel was amazing. It's a children's book that my friend Daulton recommended to me -- it's about a young teenage boy who works on an airship and hopes to be an airship pilot, but so far he is still a cabin boy. The airships transport passengers and cargo across both land and water (presumably airplanes were never invented in this world) adn are kept aloft using a gas called hydrium that is even lighter than Helium or Hydrogen. When pirates attack the airship that Matt Cruse lives aboard and loves, he is devastaed, especially when a freak storm causes the airship to make an emergency landing on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean. Along with a spunky passenger named Kate who is determined to prove that her grandfather's mysterious journals are true, Matt sets out into the forest to explore, even though the Captain has strictly forbidden it.
This book was AWESOME and I highly recommend it for older children, teens and adults. The full narration from FULL CAST AUDIO is like listening to a radio play, or listening to the movie version from another room, and it really brings an adventurous story like this one to life in your imagaintion. 10.5 hours


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