Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lysistrata, FTW

How sweet is this - I love the modern adaptation of the story I already loved. Just like the strict and polite social restraint of a good Jane Austen novel like Pride and Prejudice translates best to modern times when set at a Mormon college or in a small village in India, the Greek plays don't update to your average high school or nuclear family setting seemlessly either.

I discovered a modern day retelling of the anti-war comedy Lysistrata by Aristophanes -- (read more about Lysistrata here) -- it's a movie called A Miami Tale starring some popular black entertainers like Train, Sommore and Mr. Cheeks. The story is set in a declining neighborhood in Miami, and our sexy main character Alicia Strada is sick and tired of the gang violence in her community. She organizes a sex boycott until the men are willing to lay down their guns. I think the greatest compliment that anyone could pay to a retelling of the original Lysistrata is that it maintains and updates the truly raunchy dialogue and innuendo from the original...and A Miami Tail does it beautifully! Just like the Greek play, this is an R-rated endeavor with adult themes and plenty of sexual humor. Enjoy!

p.s. Some friends may notice that I use the screenname Lysistrata in my e-mail and online. This is not because I am a threatening, emasculating, controlling bitch, it's just a cute literary reference to my own nickname...I swear!


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