Friday, May 22, 2009

too heavy

I'm giving up on Billie Letts "Made in the U.S.A." After the teenage girl and her elementary school age brother ran away to find their father, who died in prison, and are stranded in Las Vegas, she turns to modeling for child porn photos to pay for illegal paperwork so she can work while they live out of their car. After she is raped while working as a hotel maid, she starts snorting coke, needs more money to get an apartment so her brother can attend a really nice grade school, and so is about to star in a porn movie for a very smooth man who "helps" her. This is where I am stopping. It seems unlikely that things will get better right away, and this story is way too intense for me right now, especially on audiobook where I can't skip ahead. The only bright spot is that there is someone who is watching over the two kids and leaving them little presents, an apple, a flashlight, a note about where the local shelters serve food, and I am going to have to just imagine a happily ever after ending involving a fairy godmother....
I listened to 4 hours out of about 9.


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