Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Snowed In

No, I don't wish for more snow. Or any snow. But Rachel Hawthorne's Snowed In was a nice little escape during this week's cold snap. Ashleigh and her recently divorced mother move to a small island off the coast of Michigan to run a bed and breakfast. The guest rooms are being redecorated over the off-season and the tourists are all visiting some place warmer, like the Texas city that Ashleigh just left behind. Coming from a huge high school with over a thousand kids in her class, she is very worried about enrolling in a school where the junior class has only 6 students. Also, dating might be a big problem. Ashleigh doesn't believe in having a boyfriend, and likes to just date a guy a couple of times before moving on. What will she do with such a limited selection? The first few guys she meets are all very cute, but all of the girls seem to have steady boyfriends. What is a girl to do when she is new in town and the snow is falling?
Rachel Hawthorne is the best teen romance writer I've ever read. Funny and light-hearted stories with occasional laugh out loud dialogue. She creates characters that I would want to hang out with and get to know better, and puts them in situations that are different from my own life, but still believable. Her novels are first-rate fun!

261 pages.


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