Tuesday, March 31, 2009

raising bookworms

obviously I hope to be raising a little bookworm at home. I am an avid fiction reader. Her dad is a non-fiction and tech-website reader. We hope she will like to read also.

Raising Bookworms: getting kids reading for pleasure and empowerment by Emma Walton Hamilton

The premise of the book is that children begin life being read to, hearing inspiring stories, and generally enjoying the experience. When children are sent to school, a shift to learning to read independently may place a focus on pressure, deadlines and responsibilities instead. The purpose of this book is to help kids read for pleasure.

In the section for Babies and Toddlers, Hamilton recommends reading aloud while nursing or cuddling together, to associate reading with pleasurable feelings of warmth, joy and love.

For each developmental age group, fun and practical suggestions are included for "In the Home" and "Beyond the Home" as well as ideas for what your child will enjoy reading at that level.

I skimmed the library's copy - 156 pages.


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