Sunday, November 23, 2008

wow, reading is getting harder

Besides numerous board books read aloud to the baby (I have "Opposites" by Sandra Boynton memorized already), I read the entirety of E.M. Forster's A Room with a View on my iPhone using Stanza, and I read the ARC of Here Today, Gone to Maui by Carol Snow for freshfiction, although my review was a week late. Probably too much information, but poorly bound page-proof ARCs are the perfect choice for reading-while-pumping, and of course I read the iPhone book while feeding or burping the baby. Hmmm. Is there a market for some sort of product/tool to make it easier to read while breastfeeding? Does such a thing already exist? (not in the first 20 google results of my impromptu search...)
The review for Here Today, Gone to Maui was tricky to write without giving too much of the plot away. (spoiler alert!) Jane goes to Maui with her boyfriend Jimmy, who is them presumed to be dorwned in a scuba accident, but then is revealed to have stolen another man's identity, and Jane finds the real Jimmy attractive, but then the fake Jimmy resurfaces, and giving away any of that would ruin the first half of the book for the reader, so my summary for freshfiction was very very vague, at best!
Room with a View - 240 pages
Here Today, Gone to Maui - 296 pages


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