Thursday, September 18, 2008

seriously, i'm reading, i swear

most nights, for example, I spend some time reading the scrolling text on the TV Guide channel, trying without much success to find something to watch while nursing the baby -- 3-4 am is the worst selection, as The Fresh Prince of Bel Air is basically the only thing on. Not that it isn't a good show, in a retro-childhood kind of way, but it's not what I would choose every single night.

I've also read several magazines -- Parents, American Baby, the New Yorker -- and I just borrowed some of the La Leche League magazine back issues, which I am looking forward to....

Today we took Kivrin to the Baby Bookworms program at the library --

and we read a book to the baby, although I already forgot the title. It was cute though -- about 6 pages long and with lots of pictures of little babies in it.

Okay, okay. I'm grasping at straws to update my reading blog. Everyone was right and now that I have a baby I no longer have time to read.....

now that I don't have as much to write on "Lissa Reads" at least I have a new title "Kivrin's Mommy" so check out our latest happenings on


Blogger Deb said...

It gets better, I promise. I can actually read books again now that she's doing the crawling and entertaining herself thing. I used to read a lot while I was breast-feeding her. Well, when I wasn't passing out in the upright position. I swear, Boppies are the best thing ever made.

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