Thursday, September 25, 2008

pirates and vampires

Escapism anyone?

To Catch a Pirate by Jade Parker is a teen YA romance that came recommended by another librarian. Good pirate adventure, nothing too stereotypical, girl captain avenging her father's wrongful imprisonment, definite romance though. 230 pages.

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
Dan and I listened to this audiobook on the way to and from St. Louis for Grandma Staley's funeral a few weeks ago, then we just managed to finish it up tonight because it is due back to the library. It's had a lot of hype, and I guess I can see why - it's not earth-shattering, but it is safe for a vampire story - very much about the characters more than the mythologies. I have been uber-disturbed by the power dynamics of the attraction between Bella and Edward - it's very creepy old man and innocent young girl sometimes, plus it almost seems to parallel an abusive relationship, since the threat of violence, him being honored for showing control constantly simply for not killing her, and her always in trouble for being a temptation both sexually and by being so darn human and tasty.... the ending of the book only intensified this impression for me, and I don't think I'll keep reading, although given another car trip, I would listen if it was playing. I am such a sucker for audiobooks.
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Blogger Deb said...

I have to admit, I'm a Twilight fan. Though I totally see those things in their relationship. Which is part of why I'm a Jacob fan (but he's not until the second book, really). I think I really just dig the writing. Since I love The Host way more than the Twilight series. Just the way she writes sucks me in. I don't know if it would be different listening to the audiobook though. I've only ever listened to one audiobook.

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