Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I had a baby and am trying ten days later to update my reading blog from my iPhone at four thirty in the morning while i am up nursing her. i am really not sure when i will read something more than a magaZine article but when i do I will still be blogging here - until then find us at kivrinanne.com


Blogger Campbell or @FELTit or Designs by Anna said...

Congratulations, Lissa...babies are wonderful shafts of brilliant healing light in the world.

This is Anna Walker, Randy (Deadorcs) Walker's wife.....please email me, I have a question for you.


11:32 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You had a baby!?! So much can happen in a year. And OMG does your baby have the same birthday as mine? Elisebeth was born on August 22. We just celebrated her chocolatey first birthday. Looks like we get a new mascot this year.

Anyhow, I was actually wanting to see if you needed any help with NaNo stuff this year. I'm not a housewife/time millionaire this year, but I can still help out it you need it.

11:22 PM

Blogger Unknown said...

Hey Lissa Contrats! Wow! How wonderful. I just got the Nano emails from NaNo HQ yesterday (just like everyone else) and it got me excited for this year.

I'm so happy to hear your joyful news.

~ Amy Fultz

9:11 AM


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