Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Golden by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Lissy James moves from California to Oklahoma, starts in a new school, and is soon overwhelmed by the social scene. The popular kids call themselves "The Goldens" and classify everyone else as a "Non." That would be plenty bad, but Lissy has bigger worries. Her Aura Vision, which allows her to see the colors that surround each person, has suddenly become much stronger. She has not yet learned how to control her power. Worst of all, her math teacher gives her the creeps, because his aura is completely wrong -- not a color at all and very scary to see. As Lissy looks around the hallways of her new high school, she sees the connections and relationships between everyone. She'll need to concentrate her power to survive at this new school!
teen paranormal fiction
I listened to it. And was COMPLETELY irritated when it had a Sylar-from-Heroes villian at the end. I mean, hello? Must we be so scary? Must we invoke that nightmare-inspiring stupidhead? (Okay, so I am maybe a little bitter that I can't watch Heroes because Sylar is too scary for me. because it's a really good show.)
6 hours.


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