Monday, June 25, 2007

Lean Mean 13? new Janet Evanovich

I jokingly told my spouse that I thought that the next Stephanie Plum novel after this one should be called "Fourteen Schmorteen." Okay, I get it already. Bad boy Morelli wants to settle down. Ranger is elusive liquid sex. Hello? It's been THIRTEEN books plus two little extra books, and I am losing all respect for Stephanie, who is increasingly not indecisive and incompetent but just tacky and manipulative and more than a little slutty. That said, I keep reading them, and my spouse says that if it was as bad as I made it out to be, I wouldn't keep reading them. But once you get hooked on a series, it's hard to stop reading them, even when you want too....
I checked out the 14 day express copy at my library! 310 pages.


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