Sunday, April 15, 2007

Creative baking - April 2007 cake

I had the most innocent intentions, to be a joiner and support my coworkers new event - the Edible Books Festival. So, I planned a few weeks in advance to make a cake for Candyfreak, a book that my spouse enjoyed. And it turned out great.

But then I wanted to keep playing, so I found a Red Velvet cake mix and a really nice heart shaped cake pan that was a gift from my mother. While the cake was baking, I went upstairs to try to figure out what book I could interpret or represent with this red heart shaped cake. And then, while looking at my shelves of romance novels, my spouse's science fiction paperbacks, and other things that I couldn't see working as an edible book, it came to me, in a flash (and also, I worked my way down to the feminist/lesbian bookshelf and spotted it...)

The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler.

And what should I happen to have in the basement, but the perfect chocolate candy sucker mold...A little white chocolate and some red food coloring, and I was in business. (I give the credit for simplicity of the design to my sister, who correctly recognized that to add anything more would be in poor taste.)

So, here's my cake.

It is a popular cake. It is a notorious cake. It is a lovely cake.


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