Thursday, April 05, 2007

Boy Girl Boy

Boy Girl Boy by Ron Koertge
I had high expectations for this book, told in alternating chapters by three friends, because I remember Koertge's book Stoner and Spaz so fondly. I was not disappointed.
The best part about this book is that the characters all live in one of the -villes. Theirs is called Wendleville, but it is within driving distance of Springfield, they all talk about going to U of I, and the place names for streets, bars, etc. are all so familiar that my heart ached for home (in a horrible way, since these people hate Wendleville just as much as any self-respecting C-villian ever loathed our dear home town during high school.
Anyway, back to the story, in which location was an important presence but the characters stole the show -- Larry is the gay teen just trying to survive, Teresa is the gal pal, and Elliot is the handsome but not as smart one -- they are a unit, but their friendship may not survive long enough to get them out of town and on to their dreams of California...
(m.d. if you are reading this, you are the only C-ville person I know who actually acheived that whole escape to Califnornia fantasy....)
I can't tell more about this book except to say that you should plan to read it straight through because you will care so much about what is happening to these characters.
I checked it out. 164 pgs.

Harlequin Pink: No competition by Debbie Macomber
Here is all I need to say about this manga teen romance by Harlequin: "Printed in Flirty Pink Ink!"
I checked it out. About 70 pages.


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