Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A Pile of Overdue Books

I read most of these sometime in January and they have been piled on the floor of my office becoming increasingly overdue and distant in my memory. As Tanzey always says "Write the review right after you finish the book while it is fresh in your mind." She's a smart one!

Him Her Him Again The End of Him by Patricia Marx
A weird debut novel by a comedy writer, which focused on a young woman's obsession with her selfish former lover. Funny but not memorable. 240 pgs.

The Sunday List of Dreams by Kris Radish
I thoroughly enjoyed this book, which I thought was going to be mature, emotional middle-aged women's fiction and turned out to be all about embracing women's sexuality and selling sex toys. Still, I would rather read about a mother-daughter sex toy conversation than have one of my own. (No offense, mom. Better living through fiction, and all that.) The author is all about the power of female friendships and women's empowerment, and while it might come across as a bit preachy, it is an affirming sermon that more women need to hear. It was actually a laugh-out-loud, cry a little bit and overall wonderful read and I highly recommend it. 378 pgs.

Restoring Grace by Katie Fforde
Would I read Beth Moore just because I like Christopher Moore and they both sort of write about spirituality? No. But for some reason, I picked up a Katie Fforde book just because I like Jasper Fforde and they both sort of write about Britain. Lucky for me, Katie Fforde writes adorable stories that build slowly, bringing in characters who form a sort of extended family and reach satifying conclusions, like the very best kind of made-for-television movie. This one features a recently knocked-up struggling artist who moves in with a recently divorced struggling homeowner. And I never got into "art history" so I can learn a lot from the details in minor artsy subplots! Light reading.
338 pgs.


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