Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I read non-fiction, sort of

The experts' guide to 100 things everyone should know how to do by Samantha Ettus
This was hilarious and I listened to the audiobook. I learned about how to make coffee, how to shake hands, how to paint a room, how to breath, and all from experts! Short brief concise explanations, to the point about without flair. Beautiful. 6.75 hours.

The concise guide to sounding smart at parties: an irreverent compendium of must-know history from Sputnik to smallpox and Mao to Marie Curie by David Matalon. This was actually a little too snarky for me, and the opinions a little too conservative, and to really enjoy it, you have to already know a lot of information about each topic to begin with. I guess my reference librarian standards are a little high....302 pgs.


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