Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wedding season

Wedding Season by Katie Fforde

For a wedding planner, Sarah is awfully cynical. In fact, she doesn't even really believe in love and marriage -- but don't tell her clients that! After having her heart soundly broken, she has thrown herself into her business and all of her hard work is paying off. Weddings are complicated and Sarah works closely with her suppliers, her caterers, her florists, her dressmakers, her vicars at local churches, her photographers, her reception hall managers. With two years of planning and effort, Sarah organizes a huge society wedding for a very picky bride. An American actress decides she wants a similar wedding, with all the same features but in only two months!
Sarah quickly reassembles her successful team of Elsa and Bron, women who have become her friends and confidantes as well as her coworkers.
Elsa, the dressmaker, dresses in black to remain unnoticed, but after being pulled in as emergency maid of honor at the society wedding, she is beginning to come out of her shell a bit. The best man from the society wedding even asked for her phone number, although she doubts he will call.
Bron, the hairdresser, is a woman of many talents, although unfortunately none of them include sticking up for herself to her bossy and unsupportive boyfriend. Bron can do hair and makeup and even makes wedding cakes for friends, but will she have the gumption to live on her own for the first time?
Sarah couldn't be more stressed, especially when her pregnant younger sister schedules her own wedding on the same day as Sarah's first celebrity client. With so many details to keep track of, Sarah tries to keep her distance from Hugo, the handsome and charming photographer. They kissed at the last wedding they worked on together and the last thing she needs right now is a man to distract her.
It's the Wedding Season -- equal parts romantic, funny, poignant and appealing. Enjoy!
424 pages

Plus I read Taming of the Shrew for book group, a side by side edition and on the computer. I would put it at about 75 pages.


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