Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Scarlett Fever

She lives in a small, unsuccessful and run-down hotel in New York City with her family. At fifteen, she lives in the shadow of all three of her siblings -- nineteen year old Spencer is an aspiring actor, seventeen year old Lola is beautiful and responsible, and her younger sister Marlene is hopelessly spoiled ever since her leukemia went into remission.

Maureen Johnson has created an enjoyable and memorable character in Scarlett Martin.
Continuing the adventures that began in Suite Scarlett, this novel follows Scarlett's relationship with Eric, her sort of ex-boyfriend, and her job as the assistant to Mrs. Amy Amberson, an eccentric theatre type. As school starts up again, Scarlett is given an assignment to spy on the angry yet attractive guy who is her new biology lab partner. And her brother lands a huge part in a television show that overnight makes him the most hated person in New York. Everyone in Scarlett's family is acting oddly lately Can Scarlett weather the change?

LOVED THIS BOOK. Have no patience waiting for next book that continues the story. this is why i only watch TV on DVD now. geez.
332 pages.


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