Thursday, July 09, 2009

vacation reads

Crafty Mama: makes 49 fast, fabulous, foolproof (baby and toddler) projects by Abby Pecoriello
I loved this book for the inspiration it gave me, and for the light vacation reading it conveyed. I only made one project from the book, but that made it all worthwhile -- FAIRY SKIRTS (and Kate, if you are reading this, we made one for each of your girls, I just haven't mailed them yet).
I was disappointed that the "no sew" instructions sometimes made the fabric projects much more complicated than if the author had just bought a cheap sewing machine and tried an inelegant straight stitch on her project, but overall this was a winner! I'm also sad to realize that my baby is more of a toddler (she actually took her first steps the same day I read this book) so some of the projects in this book were too "young" for our family now. Since Leigh Anne and I both had crafty-baby-showers (scrapbook pages at hers, drawing on fabric squares at mine), the many ideas that gave instructions for how to adapt it for a baby shower were definitely of interest! I don't feel up to this right now, but they also have ideas for crafty mama play groups, to find fellow crafters and get together to craft!
255 pages

Tourist Trap by Emma Harrison was thicker than my regular teen romance paperbacks, but the extra pages weren't filled with anything special, just teen angst self doubt and tired plot lines. At least I was on vacation when I read it.361 pages.


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