Thursday, July 02, 2009

scary beautiful

Scary Beautiful by Niki Burnham - a fun romantic comedy about a gorgeous and recently dumped girl who is insecure about the new school year and her role in her group of gal pals, especially when she realizes she likes a geeky guy from the local pizza place. Cute fun. 264 pages.

How weaning happens by diane bengson (la leche league)
Of course this book says that weaning happens a bunch of different ways and there is no one way it happens and gradual is better, etc. Still not sure what Kivrin and I have in store for us, but nursing is still going okay for us so we will continue for now (while offering whole milk in sippy cups a lot too!) The book claims it "reassures parents that weaning is a natural process and does not have to be a stressful event for mother or child" but I didn't actually get that impression from the book. Much like childbirth itself, you can't predict it or control it, you can let the kid sat their own pace for it but you might decide to intervene if they take too long, and everyone else will offer you critical advice the closer it gets to the big day....156 pages which I read several times and am tired of looking at now.


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