Friday, June 12, 2009

The Lit Report

While this novel doesn't really seem like it is written for teens, and the narrator, Julia, is WAY too smart for her supposed age of a senior in high school, there were still parts I enjoyed quite a bit. Julia's friend Ruth gets pregnant, but since Ruth's parents are very strict conservative Christians (her dad is known as Pastor Pete around town) Julia helps Ruth hide her pregnancy and eventually delivers her baby. The ties to literature are mainly at the beginning and the end -- while Julia is establishing her voice as narrator and beginning the book, and then tying up her loose ends at the end of the story -- but she seems to worship Austen and Vonnegut, so it's not all bad. I'm not reviewing this for the library site because I don't know that teens would like it very much.
The Lit Report by Sarah N. Harvey
197 pages.


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