Sunday, June 28, 2009

finger licking good

Have you read the latest installment in the Stephanie Plum series yet?

In the opening pages, Stephanie's friend and coworker Lula witnesses a grisly decapitation. The killers are on the loose, and trying to hunt Lula down. To save her own skin, Lula decides to solve the murder herself and she enters a barbecue contest to get closer to the murder victim's associates. Of course, Stephanie, her Grandma Mazur, and Connie from the bail bonds office are drawn into Lula's scheme to create an award winning barbeque sauce.

At the same time, Ranger has hire Stephanie to snoop around his security business. A series of break-ins at the homes of residential clients appear to be an inside job and while Ranger doesn't want to suspect one of his men, he is losing clients and street cred as more burglaries occur.

Joe Morelli is irritated to see Stephanie wearing black Rangeman uniforms, even though Joe and Stephanie are taking a break in their relationship after an argument about peanut butter.

The romantic tension between Stephanie and Joe and Stephanie and Ranger in the last few Janet Evanovich's novels has really been getting on my nerves. I felt like she was stringing them both along and I was ready for her to settle down with someone already. Evanovich really got the balance right in this book though -- Stephanie is still attracted to both guys, but by taking some time to be single, sort of, Stephanie's ongoing relationships with two men didn't bother me nearly as much. Always bumbling, chaotic and hilarious, Stephanie Plum is the best version of herself in this newest book in the series. I thoroughly enjoyed her newest adventure and I hope that you will too!

Finger Lickin Fifteen by Janet Evanovich

308 pages


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