Tuesday, July 01, 2008

fearless fourteen

Why do I keep reading these books?
Seriously, it would be okay in like...a movie...or even a tv season...if one girl was in love with two guys for awhile. But the Stephanie Plum books are just getting creepy the way that she draws out her relationships with Ranger and Morelli in book after book. It's handy for plotting for a bounty hunter detective to work "intimately" with both the police force and the less-law-abiding-private-security firm, but from a personal standpoint, it's just tacky to sleep and flirt around like that. The reasons that she doesn't commit to Joe Morelli are thinner in every book, but that doesn't mean that their relationship is stronger, just that the reasons to keep flirting with Ranger are less and less appropriate. So, anyway, I read Fearless Fourteen, and I'll probably read "Sexy Sixty Two" and I'll probably still be complaining about it then too....
310 pages.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I started listening to Stephanie Plum books on audiotape when I was living in New Jersey, so it was really funny to be reading about her driving on the New Jersey Turnpike while I was also driving on the New Jersey Turnpike.

And she totally explained to me the New Jersey beaches. They are just horrible...if you like a beach that's just sand and water. But Stephanie Plum goes to California and is astounded that they don't have carnival rides and food vendors and a boardwalk. It was nice for me to have someone comment on that. I think Stpanie says that people from NJ are a little ADD or something.
I agree that the books kind of blur in my mind now. But when I need some cheering up, I can always count on Evanovich to be funny.
Have you read the NASCAR ones? Same scenario.
Sixty...that's funny...

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