Saturday, May 17, 2008

Roomates Wanted by Lisa Jewell

I picked this up from the New Books shelf because my sister loves Lisa Jewell.

Roomates Wanted is the heading of the ad that Toby places in the local London paper after his remote/estranged father gives him a large house as a wedding present and his bride walks out after 3 weeks of marriage. 15 years later, Toby is still living in the same house. He's still an unpublished poet. Although some roomates have come and gone, Toby and the house are static fixtures in the neighborhood. Across the street, Leah Pilgrim is wondering where her three-year relationship with an Indian man is headed. She watches her mysterious neighbors from her window, wondering how such different people came to live under the same roof.
When the death of an old tentant brings Toby and Leah together for an afternoon, they both realize they need to make some changes in their lives. But even though Toby has lived as a recluse in his own home, he can't abandon the roomates he has sheltered for so long. With Leah's help, everyone in Toby's house, including Toby, is going to grow up and move on with their lives.

461 pages.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now I'm EXTRA excited that this book is on it's way to my house from the uber-fabulous
xoxo, L'Anne

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