Thursday, April 24, 2008

Vacation reading

Late at night on vacation in Albequerque last weekend I read and read and read!

I swiped Nick and Norah's Ultimate Playlist from the spouse's reading pile after he fell asleep and read the whole book straight through. Just as good as the last time, only this time I read it while imagining how badly they are going to f-up the movie version that they are supposedly making. My guess is they will remove almost every queer reference and make the kids all the wrong ages and make the wrong characters the creepy ones. But of course I hope I'm wrong.
183 pages.

Women on the edge of a nervous breakthrough by Isabel Sharpe
The citizens of Kettle, Wisconsin are very proud that their town doesn't have any crime, so when a recently acquitted murderess moves in, everyone is gossiping about it. After her wealthy husband's suspicious heart attack in the bathtub, and her subsequent murder trial with national media coverage, Lorelei Taylor is hiding from the press. She's so overwhelmed by her own problems that she doesn't expect to befriend anyone else in town.Sarah Gilchrist has always done whatever was necessary to maintain her perfect home, garden, and family. Lorelei quickly sees through her facade and makes it impossible for Sarah to continue to ignore her own unhappiness. Erin Hall has kept her husband's abusive behavior a secret for more than a decade, and no one in this small town, including her mother-in-law, expects her to do any differently. When Erin discovers that she and Lorelei have similar and terrible relationship histories, Erin finds inspiration for surviving her own marriage. Lorelei can't resist meddling with the local affairs, although she is constantly surprised by the secrets of this small town. To add to her frustrations, the sexy widower next door refuses to be seduced by her shocking big-city attitude. Lorelei is not the only woman who is pushed past her limit - but are these women on the verge of a breakdown, or something better?The small town characters are given some depth by including very brief chapter openers that are taken from the ephemera (letters, diaries, notes, school essays) of their lives. This light read is focused on the friendships and relationships of the women. While this is definitely a Desperate Housewives readalike, it should appeal to most women's fiction readers.
I read a copy that I picked up at PLA. 375 pages.


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