Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Paintings of You by Mia Paluzzi and Chris Delk

Claude’s paintings are realistic but completely devoid of emotion. At his new art school, he meets Ben, a photographer who takes amazing pictures. Claude likes Ben and he thinks Ben likes him too. But everyone is trying to set up Claude and Beatrice. Beatrice is a nice girl, but Claude accidentally offended her when they were introduced. Ben is teaching Clause to improve his paintings, but can he teach him about love as well?
Telling a story about art through a graphic novel format seems like a natural fit, especially in the hands of Mia Paluzzi and Chris Delk. They create fun and flamboyant roommates and add love triangles wherever possible! I love the “guest art” section in the back of the book where other artists drew portraits of Claude and Ben. I was glad to discover that the publisher, Iris Print, features more graphic novels and short fiction with gay characters at This is a highly enjoyable story that will appeal to manga romance readers!
200 pages. I read it twice it was so darn cute!


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