Friday, November 16, 2007

Miracle on 49th Street by Mike Lupica

I tried out a children's audiobook with a cute picture of a girl and a basketball on a park bench.
Even though it was a sports book by Mike Lupica, who I recognized as a boy-author.
It's written sort of like a romance novel except about family love and about a father and a daughter. That sounded creepy, but it was a good book.
So, the story is, twelve year old Molly Parker moved back to Boston with her mom, who was dying of cancer. She lives with family friends, but wants to meet her dad, who according to her mom's letters is the Boston Celtics NBA star Josh Cameron. Molly and her friend Sam Bloom keep finding ways to run into the basketball star but when Molly confronts him, he denies that he could be her father. When he comes back to make amends (he is dragged by his assistant) Molly refuses a paternity test, because she wants him to want her for who she is, not because a test tells him he has to be her dad.
A well written, interesting and engaging story - the back recommends it for ages 10-14.

I listened to it - 6 hours.


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