Thursday, October 04, 2007


So, I listened to a book called RASH in which people get a contagious rash at a school that is completely psychosomatic and yet the school can't stop it from spreading. And at the same time, I myself (irl) have a weird rash on my face that I believe was caused by stress (although I went to the doctor finally today and got antibiotics just in case). UNlike my real life, the book turns out to mostly be about good old fashioned sports - football and track - in a futuristic USSA (United Safer States of America) where everyone is padded, equipped, drugged and rule-abiding, or else sent to the prison system to do manual labor. Frankly, much like my real life, I'd rather just have the rash.... :)
RASH by Pete Hautman - YA fiction
Great book, weird timing with my own issues....
I listened to it - 7 hours.


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