Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Little Lady Agency

Apparently I have missed two other books by Hester Browne, although I didn't feel like this book read as part of a series, I can see how the backstory would have filled a few other novel. While I am sure that the last two novels also had happy romantic endings, I like to believe that this one will be "for real" but I would also welcome another novel continuing Mel's story.
Anyway, in this book "The Little Lady Agency and the Prince", Melissa is a London woman who runs her own business as a consultant to help single men with a variety of tasks aimed at cleaning up their lives, their wardrobes, their manners, etc. (which is introduced in the first book, The Little Lady Agency)/ Mel is newly engaged to Jonathan, and planning to move to Paris to be with him in a few months, (presumably their romance was covered in the previous book Little Lady, Big Apple) When her grandmother asks her for a huge favor, to help return respectability to the family of an old friend, Mel can't say no, even though it means reforming a wild playboy prince. Mel is busy maintaining a long distance relationship by visiting Jonathan in Paris on the weekend, paying her share of the bills with her flatmate Nelson's, and running home to her family in the country where her parents and grown siblings are increasingly out of control.
Mel has a lot riding on the reformation of the suave, sultry prince. This job will give her the down payment to buy her office building and also make her grandmother very happy. But as her attraction to the sexy prince increases, and the moving date from reliable Nelson's flat to Jonathan's home in Paris grows near, Mel's work/life balance is unexpectedly confusing!

I will review it for freshfiction. 386 pgs.


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