Friday, September 07, 2007

the off season

The Off Season by Catherine Gilbert Murdock is the sequel to the book Dairy Queen, which I read last year. This book takes place in the fall after D.J. Schwenk has decided to play football on the varsity team as a linebacker, even though she is sort of secretly dating the quarterback of the opposing team. Her best friend Amber has a girl friend, her father's farm is losing money, her mother's back went out, her younger brother is being even quieter than usual, and that is BEFORE her older brother gets hurt playing in a nationally televised college football game. It's sophmore year, and D.J. is going to have a lot to deal with this year. The Off Season takes us from Labor Day to Thanksgiving, which is actually prime footbal season, but in D.J.'s life everything is a little bit off... The Wisconsin accent in the narration of the audiobook make this book even more fun to enjoy.
This is not the normal escapist teen romance I usually pick up - this is a fabulous story about family, friends and football. If you are looking for a teenage heroine who is six feet tall and great at sports, but overwhelmed by the rest of life, check this out!

I listened to it. 6 hours.


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