Thursday, August 16, 2007

Liar, Liar

Pants on Fire by Meg Cabot

Katie Ellison is about to start her senior year. She's waitressing at a popular seafood restaurant in a town that idolizes seafood. She's dating a popular football player in a town that idolizes football. And life should be great, but to be honest, for the past few years, Katie has been a big liar. She makes out with another guy behind the bike racks, doesn't even like seafood, and only keeps dating the football player because it seems like social suidice not to. And she's been keeping a huge secret for four years, ever since the night that someone spray painted in day-glo orange "Tommy Sullivan is a ...." on the wall of the brand new middle school. The words are still visible (sandblasting is expensive) but Tommy was driven out of town by the incident.

Katie's life is turned upside down when Tom Sullivan returns to town a few weeks before summer ends. She suddenly sees him everywhere and is shocked that he wants to talk to her. In fact, they used to be friends in a nerdy unpopular way -- a fact which she tried not to bring up to her current popular crowd. But what will she do with this honest, charming and breathtakingly handsome guy who has reappeared in her life? Because Tom isn't going to play Katie's games, and when he says things like "I’d hate to know I’d come between you and the guy you’re cheating on your boyfriend with” Katie realizes that she has some big decisions to make.

Pants on Fire is a fun teen read about clams, football, and friendship. The romantic part of the plot comes from Katie's many makeout sessions and the confusion that they bring to all involved. Another sure-fire success from popular author Meg Cabot will please her fans and gain her more readers from the teen romance crowd.

I listented to it 6 hours.


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