Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Plenty O' reading

His Last Lover by Mary Blayney - classic regency romance, just the ticket for a little diversion. 254 pgs.

Pirates! : the true and remarkable adventures of Minerva Sharpe and Nancy Kington, female pirates / by Celia Rees - . While I hope this summary intrigues you, I mostly love the title of this book - Pirates! - plus the storytelling by the main character, Nancy, grabbed me right away.
Set in the 1800's, this YA adventure story features Nancy, a British teenage girl who is in love with a young sailor named William. Her wealthy sugar-importing father dies and her brothers try to take over the family planation in Jamaica by marrying Nancy off to the evil Brazilian next door. She flees into the wilderness with other escaped slaves, and eventually joins a band of pirates. Although going on the account (slang for becoming a pirate) is difficult and complicated, she is much more worried about what William, now a naval officer, with think of her piratical ways when they meet again. Nancy's nightmares tell her that the angry Brazilian is coming for her, to fulfill their marriage or possibly just for revenge.
I listened to it. 9 hrs.


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