Wednesday, December 13, 2006

So many books

So, obviously I have actually been reading the last 4 weeks, although I have been lazy about updating my list. I will do my best to catch up soon!

Dairy Queen by Catherine Gilbert Murdock
I borrowed this new YA novel from a friend and read it in an evening. A dairy farm girl becomes the personal trainer to the opposing team's high school quarterback. Super wonderful, although I'm finding it hard to describe why. It was just a very unexpected and lovely story.
I checked it out. 275 pgs.

Nature Girl by Carl Hiaasen
I heart Carl Hiaasen and this new book is like a combo of the best parts of his recent kids fiction with his environmental Florida black comedies. His manic-depressive main character wasn't a bad guy, she was a divorced mother fighting her own internal and external demons. I liked it, but then I've never read anything by Hiaasen that I didn't like. And to think, I only discovered him in 2001 when I was preparing for my first job interviews and knew he was a favorite author of one of the interviewers. (I didn't take that job, but I discovered a great new author!)
I checked it out. 306 pgs.


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