Friday, June 11, 2010

Secrets of my suburban Life

Secrets of my suburban Life by Lauren Baratz-Logsted 225 pages
Ren lived her whole life in New York City with her two famous author parents, until her mom is killed by a giant stack of books and her dad relocates them to the suburbs of Connecticut. At her new school, Ren is basically an outcast, although when she accidentally discovers that the most popular girl in school is chatting online with an older man whom she plans to meet, Ren has to act.
Ren schemes up a plan to stop the online pervert from getting his hands on the popular girl…but when she finds out who he is, the whole situation gets a lot more personal for Ren!
I had read some of this author's chick lit, including Thin Pink Line a few years ago, so I recognized the name and was drawn to try this book. I think that Lauren's writing style and characters are more suited to a teen novel, as her slightly-immature characters are much more believable at 16 than they were as twenty-somethings. This book was funny, well-paced, and had great supporting characters, particularly the three quirky taxi drivers in small town Connecticut that Ren relies on to get her around town!

I also read and LOVED the first 40 pages of You are Not a Gadget, until it was hideously overdue from the library. I am just going to buy it. If I would buy the books up front instead of paying late fees on them first, that would probably be....smarter. and cheaper.


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