Sunday, August 16, 2009

buy buy baby

I finally finished the super-scary book about consumerism and marketing targeting infants and toddlers. Buy Buy Baby is a few years outdated already which doesn't make the information it contains any less alarming. The main things I am taking away from the book are that there is no research to support the educational claims on products for infants and toddlers. Information on marketing in school, including preschools was disheartening. And there is no reason for kids under 2 to watch TV or videos in the foreground or the background. And licensed character stuff teach the kids to recognize the characters, not anything else. And advertising is everywhere and it will be almost impossible to avoid indoctrinating my kid with it, but it is still worth the effort to try.
230 pages

I am also watching the documentary "Consuming Kids" which is shocking both because of the information it presents and because I haven't watched television in so long that the commercials are sort of overwhelming.

And for fun I read - Ransom my Heart by Meg Cabot 396 pages


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