Thursday, February 12, 2009

What I Did for Love

What I Did for Love by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Georgie York was America’s sweetheart. With her unruly curls and wide mouth, she charmed the country for eight years as the star of the family sitcom Scooter and Skip in which she played an orphan runaway hiding out in the large Scofield family mansion. Her costar, first crush, and now lifelong enemy Bramwell Shepard brought the show to an end almost a decade ago, when his addictions got the better of him, a sex tape surfaced, and their show was cancelled. From her childhood days in a revival of Annie, Georgie has always lived in the public eye, but in the year since her action movie star husband left her for a sultry dramatic actress, Georgie has been hounded by the press. When the sonogram photos of her ex-husband’s new baby surface, Georgie’s shock and dismay is photographed by the paparazzi for all the world to see.
Trying to escape, she ends up in Las Vegas, and through circumstances beyond her control, she ends up at a wild party with her worst enemy, Bram. Even worse, twenty four hours later, she wakes up married to him. To get an annulment wouldn’t strike the marriage from the public record, and the fallout from the tabloids would ruin any chance of her salvaging her career. Somehow they have to make the public believe their antagonistic relationship has developed overnight into a loving marriage.
Everything Bram says to Georgie is a lie and she would do well to remember that. When he starts selectively telling the truth, she is even more confused. From his rude young housekeeper to his constant talk of drinking and smoking, Bram enjoys keeping Georgie on her toes and in her place. Georgie is unhappy to be stuck in a relationship with him, even if it is completely fake. Bram and Georgie are both excellent actors, but how long can they deceive themselves and each other from the truth of their feelings?
This novel features a few minor characters from Glitter Baby and Natural Born Charmer and is sure to please fans of SEP!

Susan Elizabeth Phillips is my favorite romance author. To be honest, this book makes me cry, but not for the reason you would think. The dedication is to Anna Fields/Kate Fleming, my alltime favorite audiobook narrator, who always read SEP's books. When I first moved to Kansas, I would listen to SEP novels when I was driving back home to visit, and the voice of Anna Fields became like my best friend on those otherwise lonely car trips across boring old Missouri. Kate Fleming died in a flash flood a few years ago and even though it's silly, and I didn't know her, and I actually only ever heard her reading other people's writing, and I don't even know what she looks like, I really mourn her passing, even now.
401 pages


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