Saturday, April 12, 2008

These Boots Were Made for Strutting

Three romance authors team up to offer a trio of light and sexy paranormal shoe stories that sure to please! In “A Rose by Any Other Name” by Lisa Cach, Kelsey is the socially awkward landscaper hired to transform handsome marketing executive Jack’s overgrown backyard into a tranquil paradise. Kelsey gets setup on a blind date, so she tries online shopping to find something to wear. After an online encounter with Shoestra, the Goddess of Shoes at, Kelsey receives a package that contains pale green leather high heels covered in red silk roses. When Kelsey puts on the shoes though, it’s like she becomes a different person, pull of confidence, grace and definite sex appeal. And when her client, Jack, tries to pick her up in the restaurant because doesn’t recognize her transformed self, she boldly gives him a fake name and flirts right back with him. Kelsey’s shoes are either a recipe for disaster, for love, or quite possibly for both!
“So I Dated an Axe Murderer” by Gemma Halliday introduces Kya, a web designer who lusts after the male model on the shoe store website. The impulse purchase red patent leather shoes she bought must be a mistake, although when she wears them to a club with her coworkers, she is offered a modeling job on the spot and soon finds herself posing with Blake, the same male model of her dreams. Unfortunately, just as things heat up between Kya and Blake, she gets suspicious of what happened to his last girlfriend and why no one will talk about the details of her accidental death.
Melanie Jackson’s “And They Danced” is a sweet story about geeky girl who generally avoids the social spotlight, until a pair of new shoes convinces her to expand her horizons. She agrees to enter a charity dance contest with a friend after his partner skips town, and she soon finds that if she is wearing the mysterious shoes that arrived from, she can do no wrong on the dance floor. Her good luck charm shoes are only good for three uses however, so she must use them carefully!
All three of these fun stories revolve around the online shoe store – a real website that sells both footwear and books. I checked it out (did you even know they made shoes with 8 inch heels?), but I wasn’t visited by Shoestra, Goddess of Shoes – maybe you will have more luck?
I read an ARC from PLA of These Boots Were Made for Strutting by Lisa Cach, Gemma Halliday and Melanie Jackson. 310 pages.


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