Monday, December 10, 2007

watching not reading

I watched the fabulous Bollywood adaptation of Sense and Sensibility called I Have Found It.
This is probably the best Sense and Sensibility adaptation I have ever seen, even for all of it's differences.

I also watched the complete first season of psych, which is about a fake psychic who is a detective. The writing is first rate hilarious - I highly recommend this series if you like to laugh.

Okay, and I did read the book Silas Marner for book group today. I was too lazy to get a copy of the book though, so I read the text online. I tried to use the super-hyped google books thing, but it had the first 5 pages and then skipped like 50 pages, so that didn't really work out. I ended up reading it at

Tips from my first online book reading experience -- Make the font bigger on your browser, and resixe the window so that you are only getting 10-14 words on a line, it makes your eyes happier. Then sit a normal distance away from the monitor as if it were your book, and cut down on glare by any means neccesary (I read all of Part Two in the dark).
The print book is about 200 pages I think. I didn't count how many screens I read!


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