Thursday, December 27, 2007

Book i just started at lunch....

And finished the same night! Another great recommendation from M - I had actually read another of this author's books several years ago - Truth or Dairy - and enjoyed it, so this was a nice treat.
From the cover and title, I thought it would be a wintry book, but it is set in the dead of summer as a girl named Peggy Fleming Farrell works at a gas station coffee bar to pay back her parents for wrecking the car before her senior year. Even though she thinks nothing is going on this summer, she makes new friends, including some boys. Her mom is nine months pregnant, her dad is trying to make a comeback in ice-skating, and her other three siblings are spending a lot of time with their big sister. Frozen Rodeo by Catherine Clark. I checked it out. 287 pages.
Well, I'm off to check to see if the library owns any of her other titles.....


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