Friday, August 10, 2007


It's all the library's fault. First they put a book display of banned books at the back of the Periodicals desk all summer. Then they assigned me to work with a fun coworker who wondered why we hadn't ever taken the time to read this controversial book. So. To read "Sex" by Madonna, here is what you have to do -- call the Special Collections Department at 580-4510 and make an appointment to view the book. When you arrive, they may offer you white gloves, just in case you are worried that the metal edges of the thin steel cover will hurt you in some way while you read. Trust me, you don't need them. Even though it's spiral bound, it is not as fragile as other books in Special Collections. The book has naked people photos, and erotic text, but isn't any worse than the nudie mags I used to have to reshelve at Hastings. And Madonna's book has a huge one page send-up on the importance of condoms, which I am pretty sure that those magazines don't. So, the morality lesson is to view banned books yourself and not let me tell you all about them, because that book was WAY more interesting than my description.
Also, where else can you find some sexy snap shots of Vanilla Ice these days?
I viewed it at the library during my evening break.


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