Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I went to Vassar for this?

I went to Vassar for this? by Naomi Neale

In recent years, I have been more open to the idea of time-travel fiction, particular after discovering Connie Willis, but this novel illustrates all that is wrong with the genre. How does one travel back in time? Not with a scientifically engineered device, but with a big old-fashioned bump on the head, resulting in unexplained transportation to another era.

That said, the too-cool 21st century hipster who is fired from her advertising job after mocking the 1950's housewife soon finds herself trying to fit into retro-fabulous Manhattan. While Cathy must confront all of the demons of the 1950's, including philandering bosses, limited options for women and unapologetic racial discrimintation, she finds plenty of things to learn, including cooking and controlling her modern sensibilities. And of course she finds love, although a relationship with a man who was born in the 1930's can only end satisfactorily with a HUGE stretch of imagination.

I reviewed it. 342 pages.


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